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Bulk LPG storage tanks

LP Gas Wales Direct can provide above ground and under ground tanks for a range of applications including central heating, cooking, leisure and more.  

LPG storage tanks are available in various sizes from 1000 litres upwards. For a small annual charge LP Gas Wales Direct would provide an appropriate size of tank for your property and application. The annual service charge covers rental, insurance, mandatory tests/maintenance and 24hr emergency call outs.

One of our representatives would be pleased to visit your property to assess your requirements and the suitability of the proposed location for a bulk storage lpg tank.

Our qualified engineers will deliver and install the tank onto a pre prepared concrete base in the agreed location, and provide all pipe work and fittings from the tank to the point of entry at the building.


Option 1 - Above ground tank

Can be sited in your garden at a location remote to your house providing sufficient space is available to meet Health & Safety requirements. The gas is then sent via an underground pipe to your property. We provide an automatic top up service, whereby we check tanks on a regular basis and fill as required.

Option 2 – Underground tank (limited availability and customer contribution required)

This provides you with a discreet solution – the whole tank is buried below ground leaving only the access cover visible. Ideal if you are short on outdoor space. It is environmentally safe to store LPG underground as in the unlikely event of vapour leak the fuel is unlikely to pose a significant water or ground pollution hazard.


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